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About us:

Encontrario is a Blog where you will find content not easily found elsewhere. I decided to create it since in the regular economic press you cannot connect the dots, since either they dont know how, or avoid doing it due to conflicts of interest.

The name Encontrario is a game of words in Spanish, that combines the words Encontrar (Find) with Contrario (Contrary). Welcome, you will find great economic and business information that will allow you to connect the dots from different angles. I always wanted to know more about economics, financial markets and finance as well as current business trends, and explain them to others in a way that is easy to understand but still intelligent, and question established paradigms by current economic journalism.

My name is Nathanel, I have been a business man for more than 15 years, I work on Consulting for SME’s, I am also a certified Executive Coach and have an MBA as well as a specialization in neuro – leadership. I am a student of economics and financial markets. I do not provide investment advice, well after reading Jack Bogle from Vanguard, I concur with him: About the markets “Nobody knows nothin’”

I am no exception to Bogle’s rule.

The world economy is changing at a very fast pace and it is very difficult to get what is going on, with underground currents that are even though to grasp for many experts. That is why I investigate and connect dots, so I can generate a narrative that makes sense without getting into the future prediction business, rather trying to grasp the present.

Never did I imagine that when I started to investigate cryptocurrencies and their rise, that I would have to look 50 years in to the past to understand the link between Nixon and Bitcoin. That is the understanding I would like to share, and this knowledge has come at a cost of studying under great professors and great charlatans, but above all, discipline and self-study of current and historical trends.

I hope to hear from you and that you will follow me and the blog on social media.

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