cerebro - multiples dimensiones - encontrario

Is it time for a Management Rethink?

For a long time, management and administrative sciences have been a sum of independent silos, where very diverse subjects are joined with very light common threads. In my opinion, there is one common thread...
carta maquina de escribir - carta amigo empresario en crisis económica - Encontrario

Letter to a business owner in these strange times

Letter to a business owner in these strange times is a fictional letter to anyone in this economic crisis. It is based on my personal experience. Dear friend, Surely, these nights have been very tough on your...
Jardin de las delicias El Bosco - mundo post COVID19 - Encontrario

The Garden of earthly delights: A Post COVID-19 World

The Garden of Earthly delights is a very famous painting by Hieronymus Bosch that hangs on the walls of the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain. It is a tryptic painting, composed of three sections:...

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